Go to:

Click on: Categories

Scroll down (almost to the bottom of the page) & click on:


You will see a list. Use as a checklist for today’s observations: alleys, wires, pedestrian buttons and signals, parking and traffic signs, street lights, bus shelters, curbs, gutters, hydrants, potholes, sinkholes, etc. Follow prompts.

Example how to submit a common request re: protruding, loose or missing brick on a sidewalk:

Click on SIDEWALKS-REPAIRS and complete all required fields noted by ***

“Where is it located?” (here, type in address only)

Next, in drop-down menu, “What is the sidewalk material?” select “brick”

“Please describe the damage” e.g. missing brick

Type in street address and click on “Find Address” NOTE: For today, please do not move the map or drag pin to a location. Easy to make mistakes. City is improving map movement for future releases.

Type in additional comments and specifics you think will be helpful to locate and fix problem, e.g. “next to fire hydrant” or “2 feet from corner”.

Upload a photo if you wish.

Fill out your contact information to receive a confirmation # for your request and click on Submit Request.

You may register under “My Alex” for easy login.

You may also request services from the City by calling: 703-746-HELP (4357) to speak directly to knowledgeable Connect Staff.